I’m Calling for a Rewrite!

I’m calling for a rewrite?

The producers and writers of the blockbuster movies watch each scene played out within their minds. They first have to think it before they can produce it. The Pixar’s “Toy Story” or a true-life drama is developed through their imagination. The script and scenes are probably rewritten many times before their final cut.

Watching movies can take us into places we could only imagine. The suspenseful and thrilling action of a “Who Dun it” is entertaining. As Hi-Definition is added you can feel your senses starting to respond to the visual scenes. It is as if we are right there experiencing everything with the actors.

In the same way our life is being written out everyday. Our perception directly affects our story. Just as the movie producers visualize the scenes and write the script. Whether we are paying attention to it or not we are living out what we see in our heart. What we see is what we get!

The scriptures instruct us to decree a thing and it will be established unto us. Taking time to write and rewrite what we want in our lives helps us to better understand what matters most. As we do this the way to accomplish what we want will become visible to us. This is the year to decree what you want in your life. Decree what you want and allow the Holy Spirit to show you the way to accomplish it.

I’m definitely rewriting some future scenes! What do you see in your future?

You shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto you and the light shall shine upon your ways.   Job 22:28


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  1. Tiffany says: Reply

    Love this, I try to do this everyday, happy thoughts, stay positive…lot’s to list 🙂

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