ABC’s of Implementing Change – B

The ABC’s of implementing change is a simple process. I have found that breaking down  a process into a few steps is easier to implement. Today I will share the second step in the process of change. The first step is Accountability – (Please read previous blog.)

B- Belief -A state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing. Conviction of the truth or reality based on examination of evidence.

Our belief is a strong force that can bring peace or torment. How we perceive a situation produces our thoughts concerning that situation. What we believe drives our thoughts. Example: You may believe that you what you have done is so bad that God could not love you or want to save you. This belief will drive your thoughts of not being accepted by God. It is in direct opposition to the scriptures. God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son (Jesus) that you may be saved. The belief that you cannot be saved will drive your thoughts of rejection and being unloved.

Belief is a deep conviction not just a passing thought. It is like the culmination of all the information we have received about a subject through our life. The collection of data we store on a particular subject produces our belief about that subject. Belief can be stored as truth even if it is false. The beliefs we hold as truth directs our thoughts. Our belief brings us to accept or reject what we see or hear.

We established first step to implementing change is to be accountable and honest about our situation in life. To take the second step we must weigh our beliefs against God’s Word the only honest truth.

I have found in my life some of my beliefs were taught to me by man and were not the truth of God’s word. I had to change my familiar perception with the real truth. I recall a young woman that I had ministered to through the years that many of her taught ways and beliefs had to be realigned to God’s Word. Her beliefs were producing negative thoughts about her life. Transforming our false beliefs into God’s truth can align us to change.

Can you think of beliefs that you have had but later found them not to be true according to God’s Word?



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