ABC’s of Implementing Change -C

The ABC’s of implementing change is a simple process. I have found that breaking down  a process into a few steps is easier to implement. Today I will share the third step in the process of implementing change.

C- Commitment to be bound by a pledge or duty.

Commitment is where we make a conscious decision to follow through with an action. When we desire a change in our life commitment will carry you through to seeing it fulfilled. The thoughts and beliefs have been addressed and now it is the follow through which we must commit to. We have faced our fears and looked at our life honestly. The next step we must really find the beliefs that are stopping us from going forward. The next step will work with the other two steps. Commitment is bringing your will in to the picture and getting on board with the process. The excuses of not succeeding have been taken care of in step one. The false beliefs that you cannot accomplish it is taken care in step two. Now we can make the commitment to go for it and enjoy the good fruit of change in our life. Willingness to commit can set you up to use this process over and over.

One last thought. I have outlined a ABC process, but it doesn’t mean that each one must be completely finished before the next step is started. What I have found as I yielded to the process and start to understood how each step applies to that area of my life they  worked together. I would be honest and see that I have been in denial and then a wrong belief would be revealed and then committing to follow through was easier. The process would continue and reveal other things and one seemed to work off the other.

I hope this has been a help to you!

What changes have you started to implement?

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