ABC’s of Implementing Change-A

The ABC’s of implementing change is a simple process. I have found that breaking down a process into a few steps is easier to implement. Today I will share the first step in the process of change.

Just wanting our response or behavior to change doesn’t always bring about the change we desire but I have found yielding to this process can help speed up the desired results.

Accountability – Being the one who must meet an obligation or suffer the consequences for failing to do so.

Accountability –   The first step is being accountable and taking ownership. To implement a change in our life we must first take responsibility for our life. An honest assessment of exactly what is working for us and what is not working can give us the motivation for the change we seek. Taking ownership of our life decisions and actions is an important part of change. Being honest with ourselves about where and how our life came to this place may point to some negative decisions and actions we have made. Until we take this first step of ownership we may be use an array of excuses to relieve us from the feelings of failure. If we determine that our circumstances or other people are the cause our problems we will not hold ourselves accountable. Being honest with ourselves will put things in the right perspective. Taking ownership of our decisions and actions helps us face our struggles head on.

Accountability holds us accountable for our life and our choices.

Do you agree or disagree with this beginning step to implementing change?

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