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    As humans we are so easily trained. Well, may be we are not easily trained when it is against our natural propensity. We learn by watching, listening, and experiencing what others do before us. Most of our thoughts are taught by those sharing the same space during our rearing. If those we lived with have […]

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  • Broken Hope

    Broken hope is when our hope is no longer believable to us. When we wish for something  we do not have hope of ever attaining it. When I have an on going struggle in an area I would press in with my faith and meditate on the scriptures and speak the good over the situation […]

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  • Inspiring Vacation

    Vacation: Where are we going? When are we going? How are we going?  What are we going to do? After the details are determined then the adventure begins. Vacations are all about the journey. My objective was to unplug from my regular routine and to let go of the daily task and embrace vacating for […]

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  • I’m Calling for a Rewrite!

    I’m calling for a rewrite? The producers and writers of the blockbuster movies watch each scene played out within their minds. They first have to think it before they can produce it. The Pixar’s “Toy Story” or a true-life drama is developed through their imagination. The script and scenes are probably rewritten many times before […]

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  • Humble & Submit

    One of the steps to Esther success is learning the power of humbling herself before the king. To humble one’s self we must submit. But he gives more grace. Wherefore he says, God resist the proud, but gives grace unto   the humble. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.  […]

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  • Turn Around 2013

    In Esther we find a wonderful story of turnaround. When all the odds are stacked against God’s people His goodness brings forth a plan for Turn Around . The Feast of Purim is celebrated to remember their deliverance from destruction. The plan devised by Haman was made from greed and jealousy  to destroy the Jews […]

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  • Heroes of 2013

    God’s children can be Heroes this year.  When we base our life on God’s word it defines our beliefs.  What we do this coming year will affect not only our lives but also those around us. How much difference can one person make? Jane Roe, in the infamous case of Roe v Wade, demonstrates how […]

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  • 2012

      As we reflect over the past 365 days of 2012, the blessings have truly run us down and over taken us. We pray you received God’s blessings in your life also. God moved in 2012 to define our purpose to develop online resources for churches and individuals. Our staff and prayer group received direction […]