Caught Actions

The term “Caught Actions,” is actually a phrase I coined when I realized I was producing actions I had observed by someone else. Let me explain. Some actions I had observed were positive and producing good things in my life. I’m sure everyone listening can attest to the same thing. We want to give God thanks for all the good He has given us but what about the negative stuff? The caught actions I wrestled with were producing negative results in my life. I didn’t want this any more.

Have you heard the old adage that says a picture is worth a thousand words? So what happens when we watch an action and a sensory experience is added? What we have seen is held in our memory for an extended time. When we watch things occur around us and experience it through our senses we can recall the action easier. Think of the first time you watched a scary movie or rode a bike. It’s different for each person but these recalls are easier because of the emotion and the excitement you experienced while it happened.

The main point is that some of our reactions to life are caught from the people who trained us about life. Some of what we caught was good and some of it was not so good.

Do you have “Caught Actions”?

Listen to our podcast on “Caught Actions” to find out.



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