Heroes of 2013

God’s children can be Heroes this year.  When we base our life on God’s word it defines our beliefs.  What we do this coming year will affect not only our lives but also those around us. How much difference can one person make?

Jane Roe, in the infamous case of Roe v Wade, demonstrates how one woman’s choice started 40 years of legalized abortion in this country.  One case tipped the scales for the right to be born. Roe v Wade is the landmark case that set a standard regarding life in the U.S. As a young wife I had no idea our government voted to legalize abortion. It would be years later as people started standing against the treatment of the unborn that I realized one year after the law was in affect I had my first child. I have personally worked all sides of this issue from going to our state capital to Washington DC. I watched and participated in repentance for a nation who has been blinded to the gift of life. One woman’s decision affected her own life but also each person in this nation.

The story the press did not think worthy at the time was how Roe lied about how she became pregnant and she never aborted she delivered the baby and put it up for adoption. 

 Jane Roe /Norma McCorvey is now a Christian and stands against abortion.

 The unamed hero in this story is the person who introduced Norma McCorvey to the love and forgiveness of Christ Jesus.

  2013 is a year for Heroes! Be someone’s Hero today!

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