Q&A on ABC’s Of Change

Here are a few of the answers to questions about the ABC’s of Change.

The ABC’s of change are for people who have tried without success to change an area or a negative behavior in their life.

This approach helps our spiritual or personal growth.

When we hit a bump in the road the easiest thing to do is to avoid it and go another way.

If we don’t deal with our stuff later it will deal with us.

You may feel weary about your life not moving forward or you’ve given up and stopped trying to change. This approach to change will assist you in locating the problem.

If you apply these steps they can get you motivated to change.

Probably the only people that will actually try to implement the ABC’s are people wanting to live a better life and desire to grow because

Personal and spiritual growth is optional and each individual makes that decision.

Growth doesn’t come without putting in the time to make a change.

The Lord desires to search our heart and allow Him to show us a better way to live.

It is our nature to see negative circumstance or others as the hindrance to accomplishing our change.

Just as the Garden of Eden. Adam told God it was Eve that made him eat the fruit.

Eve said it was the serpent. They looked at their circumstances and each other to avoid being accountable for their own action.

our beliefs are not a list we keep in our billfold or on our refrigerator. It is what we have stored in our heart as truth.

These Beliefs directs our thoughts and becomes a standard used to measure and to determine if we believe it to be true or not.

Beliefs are established by the information we have received. So if the information is faulty then we create faulty beliefs.

I myself have found many faulty beliefs in my life.

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