Recognizing Our Enemies

The turn around for us this year is found in Esther. The steps they followed to defeat their enemies we can take to defeat ours.

In Esther, we find the turnaround from the enemy’s plan to God’s plan.  Most people are not living under the threat of life and death from their enemy like Esther. The first thing they did was recognize their enemy. Do you think you have enemies?

To find the answer to that question let’s ask another question. What is it that disturbs your peace and joy? Even if we are not facing a life and death situation we can lose our life a day, an hour, or a minute at a time. When we lose our peace the joy leaves too. Are we really living when we are without peace and joy? The kind of peace and joy that stays with you when everything goes wrong. You know that peace when your world is falling apart and you still have something holding you together. Our peace and joy is what the enemy of our soul desires to kill steal and destroy from each of us. God’s plan for us is to live with a deep residing peace that brings joy to your soul.

Are your enemies stealing, killing and destroy your peace and joy?

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