Turn Around 2013

In Esther we find a wonderful story of turnaround. When all the odds are stacked against God’s people His goodness brings forth a plan for Turn Around . The Feast of Purim is celebrated to remember their deliverance from destruction. The plan devised by Haman was made from greed and jealousy  to destroy the Jews in the land. His plan was to be carried out through all the provinces and could not be reversed because it had been signed and sealed by the king. The unity of God’s people through prayer and fasting brought the courage for one woman to petition the king.

The turnaround happened when God’s plan was carried out to save His people and the very plan set to destroy them was turned around upon their enemies.  The Jews stood up and destroyed those planning to destroy them.

The destruction of their enemies brought favor to the Jews and they were celebrated and honored in the land. A turnaround for God’s people.

What a classic story where the good guys win! Remember that God is for you and He can destroy every enemy you have in your life. Through unity, prayer and fasting you can see Turn Around in 2013!



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