Dreams Come True

Dreaming and doing what you have dreamed are two different things. Knowing what you want is the first step to getting there. Dreams are so important but it is not all that is needed to bring them to pass in our lives. The second step is... Putting your faith into God...

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Transitions give us a different perspective. When going through a significant transition our world changes. The world we live in has gone through extensive transitions in the last 10 years. Technology alone has given us a different perspective of our world. Thinking...

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This is a sabbath year and during these years the land is allowed to rest. The Israelites were not to plant or harvest during that year. God would provide for His people. I believe there is a truth to be applied this coming year. Learning how God works and learning...

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Some people are getting wake up calls. These wake up calls are opening their eyes to things that are happening around them. Short of their eyes being opened they could be like the frog in a pot of water being heated on the stove. Without an awakening or warning the...

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You Can Address Life In A New Way!

Patti has helped thousands of women with emotional pain and family crisis.
Patti’s approach:
“It’s not what I see… the important thing is how can I help you see the roadblocks in your life.”