A Now Word

Please listen and share with us what God is saying to you during this Season of Change. CALL_FORTH_YOUR_HARVEST    

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Keeping Calm & Carrying On

Keep Calm and Carry On are signs we see every where. To keep calm we must first know when we are not calm. Being anxious can become a norm when going through a prolonged struggle. How do we keep calm when the world around us is falling apart? Looking back, after...

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Honoring God

When we come as a little child asking God, "What do you want me to do"; it pleases Him. This simple question honors God in our life. We honor God as we submit our work to Him. His words states that He establishs our thoughts when we submit our work to Him. The best...

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Love for All Time

Love is a word that has a different meaning for different people. In today's society, the lines on defining love has been blurred, to say the least. Yet, the search for love and acceptance is at the heart of most of our responds in life. There is a saying that goes...

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Defeating Fear & Doubt

One of our battles in life is when the cares of life overwhelm us.  To win our battles here on earth we must keep our eyes on the prize which is Jesus. When we find ourselves in a fight it is important not to dwell on our negative problems because they only remind us...

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Hiding behind words

My past experiences reveal a haunting suspicion that we as humans use words to hide behind. Do you have situations in your life where you have done this? Most of the time it is to cover, well just listen to Insights and find out if you use words to hide behind.

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Have you ever went out of your way to help someone or do something really nice and they didn't appreciate it? Where does our attitude come from? Listen to our podcast: "Insights" Let's Talk about Attitude.

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Holiday Expectations

As we plan for the Holidays our expectations are high and sometimes to high. Through the years, I have learned that my thoughts determine my expectation. My plans for the Holidays seem to take on an added dimension. This component is vital to the outcome of my “High...

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“Settling In”

As God's people wait on Him, the great I am, is putting into them the peace and confidence of who the great I am is. As you wait it produces stability and maturity. Think of a child. Children are running around playing and not settling into any one thing to complete...

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You Can Address Life In A New Way!

Patti has helped thousands of women with emotional pain and family crisis.
Patti’s approach:
“It’s not what I see… the important thing is how can I help you see the roadblocks in your life.”