Finding Peace

How do you find Peace in the middle of a storm in your life? Listen to Insights to identify ways to find your peace.

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A Special Word

John 10:27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. Do you hear God? As Christians we talk to God and God speaks to us. We develop our communication with God as we practice listening. He has love letters in the bible to His children to guide us...

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Prayer – Why & How?

Prayer is communicating with God and how we do that does matter. Is one way better than another? Does it matter where we read the word? Technology is good and it is helping us stay connected even in reading God's Word but should it be the only way we connect with God?...

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Q & A on Taught Thoughts & Caught Actions

Taught thoughts and Caught Actions are thoughts and actions that were taught or caught by us while we were growing up. Many people influenced us during our childhood; some more than others.  We don't want to address the random acts or thoughts but the negative ones...

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Caught Actions

The term “Caught Actions,” is actually a phrase I coined when I realized I was producing actions I had observed by someone else. Let me explain. Some actions I had observed were positive and producing good things in my life. I’m sure everyone listening can attest to...

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Taught Thoughts

Our thoughts can be taught. During our childhood we can recall many things about our family. What was your family like? What did you hear as a child? Some of our thoughts as an adult were taught to us as a child. If there were certain ways our parents handled a...

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Q&A on ABC’s Of Change

Here are a few of the answers to questions about the ABC's of Change. The ABC’s of change are for people who have tried without success to change an area or a negative behavior in their life. This approach helps our spiritual or personal growth. When we hit a bump in...

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You Can Address Life In A New Way!

Patti has helped thousands of women with emotional pain and family crisis.
Patti’s approach:
“It’s not what I see… the important thing is how can I help you see the roadblocks in your life.”