One of our battles in life is when the cares of life overwhelm us.  To win our battles here on earth we must keep our eyes on the prize which is Jesus. When we find ourselves in a fight it is important not to dwell on our negative problems because they only remind us of the sorrow and grief within the problem. In other words our answer is not found in the circumstance it is found in Jesus. Negative circumstances are obstacles that stand between you and your victory. These bad situations in life point to our inability to win the battle. When you observe your circumstances more than the word of God you will be overtaken with fear, doubt and finally unbelief. But God raises up a standard which is His word when the enemy comes in like a flood. His word is the power to defeat every obstacle that stands against you. It will defeat any fiery dart of the enemy in your mind. God’s word is powerful and sharper than any two edged sword and will bring asunder the soul and the spirit and discerns the heart of man.


The battleground is your mind. Fight to win your battles by using the ultimate weapon; the Word of God.

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