Dreaming and doing what you have dreamed are two different things. Knowing what you want is the first step to getting there. Dreams are so important but it is not all that is needed to bring them to pass in our lives.

The second step is… Putting your faith into God for your dream.

God can connect us to our dreams as we put our faith into Him to give us the knowledge we need to bring it about. Time and patience balance us in the journey to produce our dreams. Time to learn the what we need and how to use it and patience with ourselves to stay the course. God gives us the mercy and grace to hold fast to the ups and downs we face as we pursue our dream.

When you plan a trip you map out the route you will take to get there. The third step is taking action. Action is moving in the direction you want to go. It sounds simple enough. But as I remember times in my life that I actually wanted one thing and walked in another direction. Fears, doubt, and peer pressure are a few of the things that push us the other way.  Take control of your life and decide with God you can do this.

How do you get to the place you are dreaming of? The “How” is the action step.

You may think; but I do not have the money I need. Or I do not have the resources and staff to make it possible. Think with the mind of Christ. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. When you embark on a desire, dream or calling if it isn’t bigger than you can accomplish then it is probably not from God. It is something within your own power to accomplish then do it. But when we dream it is usually BIG DREAMS. Dreams are usually far out of reach for our own abilities and resources to bring into fruition.

Small steps make a long journey possible. Do what you can do at this time. Use what you do have at this time and ask God to bring what you may need.

It is funny when the Lord led me to put our ministry online I found a whole list of things I needed. But as I walked it out with the Lord I found my list was not the need to produce the ministry online. We walk in the knowledge we have but as we follow God the resources necessary become apparent. We don’t have to have all the answers or know all the questions but we must be willing to follow the one who does have all power in heaven and earth!

Take your step of faith today and do one thing today to lead you toward your dream.  Go on an adventure with God and He will show you great things you know not of!

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