When we come as a little child asking God, “What do you want me to do”; it pleases Him. This simple question honors God in our life. We honor God as we submit our work to Him. His words states that He establishs our thoughts when we submit our work to Him.

The best way to honor God is through our daily activities by taking time to include Him in decisions, relationships, and life. Life isn’t about events so much as it is about daily routines that are interrupted by events of recognition and celebration along the way. Most of life is lived out through the ordinary but it becomes extraordinary when seen through the eyes of faith.

When motivated by love everyday can be an adventure. As you go through the ordinary routines of life the extraordinary shows up when you least expect it. The bird’s melody wafting through the air is extraordinary because you hear and feel the cheerfulness of their songs.

The extraordinary surrounds us everyday but to see it we must be looking for God’s special beauty. The ordinary becomes extraordinary when we recognize and celebrate it throughout our day and that brings honor to God.


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