Keep Calm and Carry On are signs we see every where. To keep calm we must first know when we are not calm. Being anxious can become a norm when going through a prolonged struggle. How do we keep calm when the world around us is falling apart?

Looking back, after coming through some rough waters in my life, it is easy to see how anxiety became a norm. The anxiety was so subtle each step was undetected until daily activity became a stressor. I still wasn’t clued on my level of stress until my lack of energy affected my daily routine. Keeping calm is not about closing your eyes and humming or chanting.

To solve a problem we need to find where the problem exists. We know that the enemy of calm is stress. If our main objective is to Keep Calm and Carry On, we need to find the stressors that steal our calm.  Finding what triggers our stress can be time well spent. Knowing ourselves and how to handle life in a productive manner gives us the tools in our tool box to deal with our struggles.

The “Get Spiritually Fit” retreat assist people in finding how to stay Calm and Carry On!

Contact us today for the “Get Spiritually Fit” retreat on June 20-22, 2014.

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