Passover is a time for the Hebrew people to celebrate the miracle of coming out of Egyptian bondage. During their exodus God revealed Himself in a new way. They were directed and sustained by God. Passover was a milestone in Hebrew’s history and the story was passed down in their families for generations. We are still encouraged today as we read the scriptures about God’s faithfulness.

What stories or milestones are being passed down in your family? It’s a sobering thought to realize we could be passing down stories to the next generation that would not bring them hope or life. Not all shared family stories shine a good light on others. Finding the blessings and miracles God has done in our midst can bring great hope and strength to our families and others.

How has Jesus revealed Himself to you and your family?

Searching out God’s love is a wonderful table topic for Easter week. Take time to share with one another how you have seen and received God’s love. Let us not pass over an opportunity to give honor to God by sharing His blessings to the next generation.

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