As God’s people wait on Him, the great I am, is putting into them the peace and confidence of who the great I am is. As you wait it produces stability and maturity. Think of a child. Children are running around playing and not settling into any one thing to complete it. This is one reason you need a teacher.

Many are running around trying different things and never really settling into where God wants them. It is not to say there are some that are still in that phase of life. It is all right for them to be there. This is for a mature child that has the word sown deep in them. It is time to “Settle In” to the place they are to be working. Where you settle isn’t necessarily all God has for you but it is important to commit to that place to be prepared for what God has for you. “Settling In” is a word for some. When a word is spoken by the Holy Spirit then whomever it is for will know if they are listening by the Spirit.

Settling is like getting comfortable with where you are. Settling does not mean that you are going to settle for less. The enemy is using distractions to keep many flitting from one thing to another. When you are looking for something by your flesh you are enticed by your feelings and outward appearances. When you are looking for something by the Holy Spirit you are directed and led and religious traditions die off. If the Spirit does not lead God’s people they may find familiar religious traditions instead of the freshness of His Spirit.

It will take a settling in the heart of God’s people to humble themselves and do something different. As His people seek His face and are led they should first settle that it is God they heard and secondly settle, in their heart, that they will follow Him.

“Settle In” your heart to be led by the Holy Spirit today and make it well with your soul.



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