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Sunday, Oct 11, 2009

Ronald Dopf, Patti Williams, Richard WilliamsBOOK SIGNING — Patti Williams and husband, Richard, standing, pose with Ronald Dopf at Bradley Square Mall during a recent signing of her latest book, “Sometimes It Is All About You.” Banner photo, WILLIAM WRIGHT

Life is not always fair but it is always about choices — choices about living a life connecting the dots between life and faith or continuing in a cycle of frustration, regret and self-destruction.

Patti Williams, author of the newly released book “Sometimes It Is All About You,” said sometimes people have to get things straight in their own lives and make sure they are lined up with God to receive blessings.

“That’s what I found in my life,” said Williams, an ordained minister and certified life coach who have been in the ministry for the past 25 years. “I didn’t have some things in place so I had to stop and pull away and think. This was about me.”

Williams admits, “I went from faith to fear back to faith again. That experience was eye opening. I found other people on the same journey. I asked what happens when you’re pushed up against the wall and the faith you used isn’t working anymore? What do you do? People don’t talk about that. I had to find out where things were not lining up in my life.”

According to Williams, who served as pastor of Women’s Ministries and hosted her own television program, “Issues of Life,” people can get settled into a relationship with God and then neglect that relationship, creating a spiritual gap that connects to many of their problems.

“We’re in the Bible Belt and we’re very familiar with church and the routine of church and tradition but even in that setting passion for God can grow cold,” said Williams.

“Burn out is real. I got caught up in the routine. One of the ways I explain it is like someone with the remote who’s clicking and clicking at the TV, but it’s not changing channels. I got into that routine spiritually. I found myself doing the same things but the channel wasn’t changing. I wasn’t connecting and getting the things from God I really needed.”

Until she learned how to connect the dots between her life and faith, Williams said her life’s journey was weighed down with frustration and fear.

“Here is a good analogy to describe what happens inside us concerning faith and fear. Faith and fear are like two dogs. The good dog is called Faith and the bad dog is called Fear. The dog you feed the most will win the battle,” wrote Williams.

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