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Start Living the Best
Version of You

Go Beyond the Roadblocks

You can go beyond the roadblocks holding you back in life. You are ready to stop struggling with self-limiting barriers and live the life you desire!

You have compassion for others but the challenge is patience with yourself. You might be surprised at the change in your perception as you Breakthrough.

You can move through pain into freedom. Are you ready to give up hurt and fear for love and acceptance? Is it time to give yourself space to, be you?

Tired of struggling with stress, fear, and anxiety?

Why it’s important to address these areas of struggle?

Research shows 75% to 95% of illness that plagues us today are the direct result of our thoughts and emotions. (Dr. Caroline Leaf -Neuro Scientist research)

Have you done everything you know to do and have not seen the results you wanted?

You Can Address Life In A New Way!

Patti has helped thousands of women with emotional pain and family crisis.
Patti’s approach:
“It’s not what I see… the important thing is how can I help you see the roadblocks in your life.”  


Patti Williams

7 - Simple Steps To Breakthrough & Transform Your Life Today!

The Breakthrough offers 7-Simple Steps to Transform Your Life. Each step includes tools, insight exercises, and the opportunity for life application immediately.


Seven Steps

Completion of the Seven Steps can increase faith, bring clarity, and confidence for your transformed life.



"Transformation Map"


Life Plan

You will discover your personal perspective on life and the roadblocks keeping you from a transformed life.


Private Facebook

A Private Facebook Group is available for those completing the Breakthrough curriculum. Share and learn with others in the Breakthrough community as we journey together.